Friday, July 20, 2012

12th season of American Idol: Who will be the next judge after Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler?

After Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez separately announced that they are quitting as judges of American Idol (AI), who will next take their seats for the show’s 12th season?

Former Two and a Half Man star Charlie Sheen said he’s game. Sheen does not have an real experience in the music industry, but so does Ellen Degeneres who was a judge for one season.

 "It seems so out of the blue that it almost made perfect sense. I thought this could be a lot of fun," he said. "Seriously ... I'm genuinely interested. It's so different, it could be radical."

“Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin said she is interested in joining AI. She became the first woman to receive the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

According to the New York Daily News, the soul diva proclaimed in an email that she’d love to judge Idol … except that she’s afraid of flying. Travelling from one state to the other may become challenging to the diva since she reportedly “doesn’t fly”.

An anonymous AI insider said that Fox is pursuing Mariah Carey to join the judging panel. Grammy-winner Carey is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

However, Carey’s husband Nick Cannon told TMZ, "I don't know if they can afford a Mariah Carey.  That's a lot of money.''

He also said, "They want her, I know that... but I ain't letting her outta the house for less than $100 million".

According to E! News report, Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has been in talks with the producers of the show for possibly being included in the 12th edition of the Fox competition.

Lambert says: "Idol has an amazing history of introducing great musical talent, and I was very fortunate to have had the Idol stage play a big part in my career. IF Idol wants to talk to me about Judging, I'd be more than flattered to have that conversation."

Katy Perry has already turned down the gig, telling the Hollywood Reporter that the spot is "not right" for her. 

Also, an insider has told TMZ that Jon Bon Jovi will not be able to join the show. With all systems go for a new album and a mega-tour on the horizon, Jon wouldn't be able to give those aspiring singers the guidance they deserve… Jon wouldn't commit to anything unless he can give 100%," the insider said.

Rumors tell that other celebrities being considered are Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, and

Who do you like most to see sitting at the judges’ table?

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