Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Do Inception and The Dark Knight Rises Have in Common?

What Does Inception and The Dark Knight Rises Have in Common?

Its casts actually.


Inception – “Mallorie ‘Mal’ Cobb”, Dom’s (played by Leonardo di Caprio) deceased wife
The Dark Knight Rises – “Miranda Tate”, a board member of the Wayne Enterprises


Inception – “Arthur”, Dom’s right hand man who manages and researches the missions
The Dark Knight Rises – “John Blake”, a young police officer raised in a boy's home sponsored by Wayne Enterprises after both his parents die


Inception – “Eames”, an associate of Dom who uses his ability to impersonate others inside the dream world
The Dark Knight Rises – “Bane”, a terrorist who intends to destroy Gotham City


Inception – “Robert Fischer”, the heir to a business empire and the target of Dom’s team
The Dark Knight Rises – “Dr. Jonathan Crane”, acts as judge in the “terrorized” Gotham and gives options to the "convicted" whether they want “exile” or “death”


Inception – “Miles”, Cobb’s mentor and father-in-law
The Dark Knight Rises – “Alfred”, faithful and trusted butler of Bruce Wayne

Wonder why directors pick the same cast in their multiple works? Here’s some explanation:

Woody Allen who casted Scarlett Johannson, Diane Keaton, and Mia Farrow more than once in his movies, once said: "The simplification of working with the same actors and same crew also enables me to work in a healthy atmosphere and continue to be prolific."

One veteran filmmaker Barry Levinson shared: "You understand one another better on the set, and it makes for braver work."

Also David Marnet, who has cast William Macy in several projects, pointed out geography. ''We form companies for ourselves and stick with them. Most of the actors I work with intimately go back to Chicago in the early '70s, either to my own theater company, St. Nicholas, or to the Organic Theater Company or the Goodman Theater,'' he once said.

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