Friday, May 25, 2012

What Are the Most Googled Words on Google [of 2011]?

To work out the most googled words on Google I had to compare the search volumes of the most popular sites, and the suspected most popular words to each other on the Google Adwords keyword tool.

There is no Google site which tells you what the most googled words on Google are, and the ones they do have like Google Trends, Google Insights for search etc, are lacking in search volume figures, and they don’t provide a list of the most googled words on Google in order.

Still, I was able to come up with a list of the most googled words in the world through a bit of trial and error, and I am pretty certain of the order of at least the first five. So here is the list of the most googled words on Google compiled in 2011.


Facebook is the most googled word in the world on Google, I’m quite certain of it. Facebook is a word that has search volumes of over 25 billion people a year, and it only seems to be gaining in popularity. Pretty soon, there will be more people in the world on Facebook, than not on Facebook, or maybe another site will take it’s place before then, but it doesn’t seem likely.

You Tube

You Tube has search volumes of about 10 billion a year, and it too is gaining in popularity. Google really likes video, so when you do a search on a popular song, you often get a You Tube music video, and some of them have had millions of views.


Yahoo gets about 6 billion searches a year, which is quite amazing, because they are nowhere near as big in the search engine market as Google, but they have other features like email, Yahoo messenger etc.


Google gets about 5 billion searches on it every year, (based on the monthly figures I found), and the only reason it does not beat Facebook in search volumes is that people don’t need to do a Google search on Google, because they are already there. There are many different divisions of Google, and I guess people want to see what’s new in the Google world.


Sex is the fifth most googled word on Google, tying in search volume numbers with the word video. Sex and video both had the exact same number of searches as each other, which leads me to believe they are connected by relevance to each other on the Google Adwords keyword tool.
They both had 337 million searches a month, or about 4 billion searches a year, then comes porn with 3 billion a year, porno with a little bit less than that, and that’s where I start to find it hard to think of words to compare with each other, because there are so many words to consider. 

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