Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recap: American Idol final performance face-off

Did the one save of the season pave the way for a title for Jessica Sanchez or did Jimmy Iovine hand Phillip Phillips the best song pick of the season last week, opening the door for him to capture the coveted Idol? And could the judges have been any less opinionated and fair-slash-even about handing out the compliments for the first two rounds?

All of the work from an entire season landed on the stage tonight. Now, in the coming hours, America decides the fate of the two remaining contestants on “American Idol.”
There were three rounds on tonight’s show, and Phillip and Jessica duked it out. Phillip won something before the show started and that was the coin toss. He chose to sing second for each round.
Round One:
“I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston was the first performance of the night, a song chosen by Simon Fuller, one of the show’s Creators and Executive Producers. It was a near flawless showing.
Before hearing from the judges about Jessica’s singing, though, Phillip performed a Phillip-i-fied version of Fuller’s pick for him, “Stand By Me.”
When asked her opinion on the performances, JLo chose a familiar spot on the fence, saying Jessica and Phillip were “battle of opposites,” and said, “America has a tough job.” Randy stepped up, though and said he thought Jessica won the round, and after a break and a little prodding, JLo said she agreed.
Round Two:
Jessica sang “The Prayer,” her favorite song of the season.  Phillip re-visited a little Billy Joel with “I’m Moving Out.”
Steven was called upon for an opinion after both sang. “Hatch or go bad,” and while Phillip has “hatched some” he gave the round to Jessica. Wha? Randy called it a dead heat, while JLo said Phillip took it.
Round Three:
The songs these contestants will record as a single if they win was the final pick of the night. Jessica sang “Change Nothing,” but the judges sort of felt she should change everything. They didn’t seem to like the pick and JLo said, “Everything has to be you.” Phillip rocked “Home” and the judges liked it. Randy used words like “Genius and brilliant,” while Steven said, “You were perfect tonight.”

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