Saturday, May 26, 2012

VIDEO: The guy in pink hit Tulfo first @ NAIA?

The full video of the brawling incident that involved the Santiago couple and Mon Tulfo at the NAIA on May 6, 2012 still has not come out yet--in case it really exists. Who did hit who first?

Is it the guy in pink as this video shows?

Will this video give us a clearer version of what really happened?

Remember, this is just a partial video of the incident.

Update (May 28,2012):

According to Mon Tulfo in the Buzz episode on May 27, 2012, the video shown  below happened after the brawl. This is not before the fistfight that is scattered in the web and other media. Tulfo said during his Buzz interview that the video shows how the guy in pink did not respect the authority as he still hit Tulfo even after the initial brawl was over and the two camps where already under the presence of the authorities.

Video is from Aksyon TV of TV 5.

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