Thursday, June 28, 2012

25th season of US edition Survivor will be at Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines (Preview and Possible Returning Castaways) - airs on September 2012

The location for the 25th season of the American CBS reality TV series Survivor will be at the beautiful Caramoan Islands of Camarines Sur in the Philippines. The Caramoan Islands was also the location for other versions of Survivor such as those of Israel, France, and India.

The 25th season will feature three returning players from past seasons who were removed from the game due to medical reasons. Also, at the start of the game, three tribes will compete as revealed by Jeff Probst, the host of CBS Survivor series.

Jeff Probst. Image courtesy of CBS

“First we decided on three tribes..And that was just an effort to change up the way the numbers were playing. People were locking into these alliances of five. So we thought, okay, let’s try a three-tribe scenario and see what that does. Once we had the three tribes, we talked about are we going to do returnees? I love returnees. I love second chances. I love the losers bracket in sports. I love all of it. So I love these guys coming back. And then we hit on the evacuees and went, that’s it! These are true second chancers. They were pulled from the game. They didn’t quit. They didn’t get voted out. They were yanked,” explained by Probst to Entertainment Weekly in March 2012 while filming for the series.

Evacuated Survivor castaways include Michael Skupin (Australian Outback: faceplant in fire), Bruce Kanegai (Panama: bowel obstruction), Gary Stritesky (Fiji: challenge injury/insect bites), Jonathan Penner and James Clement (Micronesia: challenge injuries), Joe Dowdle (Tocantins: challenge injury), Mike Borassi and Russell Swan (Samoa: challenge injury, scary collapse due to dehydration), Kourtney Moon (One World: challenge injury), and Colton Cumbie (One Worldappendicitis).

Skupin, Penner, and Swan are heavily rumoured to be returning this upcoming season. Who do you think the three returning castaways would be included in Survivor: Philippines?

Survivor: Philippines will premiere on September 2012. 

Watch the Preview of CBS Survivor Philippines

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