Monday, June 11, 2012

Boxing Match: Controversial loss of Manny Pacquiao to Timothy Bradley on June 2012

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We all know Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao lost to the undefeated Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 10, 2012. The WBO welterweight title now has gone to the hands of the latter.

Many fans were outraged by the result of the shocking split decision: 115-113 Pacquiao, 115-113 Bradley, 115-113 Bradley. The crowd screamed and booed at the decision and at Bradley. The Filipino community, Hollywood’s biggest stars, and other people around the globe could not believe what had happened. Some even said “Manny was cheated”.

 Mommy Dionisa even fainted after hearing her son’s loss.

Bob Arum called the judges “Three Blind Mice”.

On the other hand, how did Pacman react to the “controversial” decision? After the announcement of the split-decision defeat, Pacquiao said in his interviews:

“You know, I respect the decision, but 100 percent I believe I won the fight.”

“We have to respect my opponent also. Give credit to him. The fans, in your heart you know who won the fight, but it’s OK.”

“I hope you’re not dismayed or discouraged. I can fight. I can still fight.”

"Don't be discouraged about boxing. There's always next time."

When everybody—including myself—is grumbling against the loss, Pacquiao maintained his composure, telling his fans to not be discouraged and respect the decision. He did not whine, contest, or shout “unfair”. He took the “bad” news well. (I replaced “failure” with “bad news” because I still believe Pacman did not fail. He won. It was the judges who failed.)

Pacquiao’s new found faith is being tested. And it is being tested through a very difficult situation. It is not a joke to have a 7-year 15-match winning streak and suddenly loss to a match where he actually won. Worse, this battle might be loss because of corruption surrounding the boxing world or incompetence of the judges. Now, because of the upset, his pound-for-pound ranking is negatively affected.

Through all this, I admired Pacquiao because of the attitude he has showed the world especially his fans. He is a true model of sportsmanship.

Despite the outcome, my hat’s off to you, Manny. Win that rematch.

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