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Movie Trivia: TWILIGHT SAGA - NEW MOON (2009)

New Moon (2009)

When Carlisle is cleaning out Bella's wound after her disastrous eighteenth birthday party, he drops a match into the bowl with the glass, blood gauze, etc. If you look closely, you can see that it resembles the cover of the novel 'New Moon'. This is similar to what Melissa Rosenberg did in Twilight, when Edward caught the apple that Bella dropped in the cafeteria. 

After months of speculation and rumors, director Chris Weitz and the novel's author, Stephenie Meyer, confirmed on her official website that Taylor Lautner would be reprising his role as Jacob Black. It was doubted as the filmmakers feared he would not be able to become fit enough in time. However, he was given the go-ahead after gaining 26 pounds of muscle. 

Each member of the wolf pack had to have papers proving their Native descent. Chaske Spencer is Lakota (Sioux), Bronson Pelletier is Cree-Metis, Alex Meraz is Purepecha (Tarasco), Kiowa Gordon is Hualapai, and Tyson Houseman, who was discovered at an open casting call, is Cree. 

Actors of the wolf pack went through "wolf camp" together to get buff and bond with each other. 

During the filming of Bella's birthday party, Jackson Rathbone got so into character that both Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz had to hold him back. During one of the takes,Elizabeth Reaser was knocked to the ground. 

Because it took 36 hours to turn Nikki Reed's brown hair blond, it was reported that she would wear a wig to play Rosalie. 

Ashley Greene wore a different wig than the one she wore in Twilight, to portray Alice Cullen. She also cut her hair quite short so that it could fit under the wig. 

Jamie Campbell Bower, who stars as Volturi member Caius, originally auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. 

"New Moon" is Robert Pattinson's favorite book in the Twilight series. 

The film's American premiere was held on 16 November 2009, which, in the lunar cycle, is a new moon. 

The ring Bella wears on her index finger the whole movie is set with a large moonstone. 

Robert Pattinson refused to have his eyebrows waxed as extensively as he had in Twilight, resulting in a slightly bushier look on Edward. 

A vampire's diet is revealed by the color of the eyes - the Cullens feast only on animal blood and therefore have topaz eyes, whereas the Nomads and the Volturi have red eyes indicating they feast upon human blood. 
When Jacob is fixing Bella's motorbike in his garage, a wolf print is shown on the rear back of his t-shirt. 

In the scene where Charlie is giving Bella her birthday presents, there is a picture of Bella and Edward from Twilight stuck in the corner of a wall decoration behind her bed. 

Just before Jacob almost kisses Bella, he says "Kwop kilawtley", which means "stay with me forever" in Quileute. 

In the school parking lot scene it's Bella 18th birthday. That scene was shot on April 9 which was Kristen Stewart's 19th birthday. 

Throughout Twilight, Kristen Stewart wears brown contact lenses in order to match Bella's eyes. The same is true of New Moon, except for one scene. In the Jacob/Bella "break-up" scene outside of Jacob's house. In this scene, Stewart did not wear lenses due, instead her brown eyes are actually CG applied during post-production. This was because the large amounts of rain kept affecting her lenses. 

During an argument between Bella and Edward in the truck outside her house, the Edward that got out of the truck was actually a double dressed like Robert Pattinson in the seat. Pattinson was actually positioned next to the camera but out of sight. After the double moved out, Pattinson stepped in front the camera. Chris Weitz pointed out that this was trick deliberately done to simulate how Edward moved in and out of the truck in an inhuman manner. 

While Carlisle is cleaning Bella's wounds after the party, when he burns the blood-soaked gauze, the gauze forms the shape of a heart. 

When Taylor Lautner lifts the motorbike out of the back of the truck, he was actually holding a bike held up on wires by a crane. The wires were later removed digitally. 

In the book, Bella (Kristen Stewart) works part-time at a sporting goods store with Mike Newton (Michael Welch), in which his family owns. In the film saga, Bella never has a job and her friendship with Mike becomes very distant. 

The scene where a near-death Bella is sinking into the depths was achieved by putting weights in the actress's pockets and letting her sink in a swimming pool. Kristen Stewart was apprehensive about this, so director Chris Weitz demonstrated, to show that there was nothing to be afraid of. As soon as he hit the bottom, he panicked, pulled the weights out of his pockets, and resurfaced, saying "We can't do that to Kristen!" They filmed her from the side and moved the camera backwards to achieve the effect of sinking. 

The scene where Bella (Kristen Stewart) accepts the motorcycle ride in Port Angeles was not in the book. In the book, Bella leaves with Jessica (Anna Kendrick) after seeing the vision of Edward. In the film, Bella leaves Jessica in front of the alley and accepts a ride on the man's motorcycle in an attempt to see Edward again. 

Source: IMDb

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